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EOSflytoMARS and its voter donate 2000EOS to support early lauching of EOS DAPP


Dear All,

Recently we saw price surging of RAM and are concerned that short term speculation would have negative impact on the development of EOS ecosystem. The community and BP meeting are discussing this matter. We believe a solution should be launched soon to address this.

Before that, we are glad to announce EOSflytoMARS' Supporting Plan from our BP and community to encourage launching of DAPPs. One of our early voters (since day one and continues to increase his holding) has proposed to donate 1000EOS for those DAPP(s) that plan to go online recently and need RAM support. He has delegated EOSflytoMARS to select the qualified projects. Our BP also made the decision to match this donation on 1:1 basis. We welcome any relevant project developers to contact us. We believe this decision reflects EOSflytoMARS’ commitment in supporting the development of EOS community as a long term holder. We are also glad to learn that Meetone announced similar RAM supporting plan. Collectively, let's work together to make contributions for the long term prosperity of EOS ecosystem!

EOSflytoMARS will continue with our strive in further improving the BP services in world class operation with the community. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any comments or recommendations to us.



EOSflytoMARS将继续致力于为EOS社区提供世界级的运营BP服务。 如果您对我们有任何意见或建议,请与我们直接联系。

EOSflytoMARS 团队

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