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2000EOS Donation Announcement

2000EOS 捐赠公告

Dear all,

On Dapp supporting plan, we selected 2 projects which have positive effects on the EOS ecosystem, and they will receive 1000eos donation from EOSflytoMARS and the voters.

  1. “PocketEOS”, from OracleChain, is an EOS wallet + dApps platform, build-in two World Cup-themed dApps (StarKing and PrizeQuiz) and Knowledge Question Answering dApps, the Android version has been released while the IOS version is ready and waiting review from Apple Inc.
  2. “EOS Account Trading Platform” is from Tsinghua University EOS community. EOS holders could freely get their favorite account through trading in DAPP platform, it will be launched in November.

EOSflytoMARS will continue focus on actively participating in the contribution of EOS ecosystem. We expect these projects bring us some surprises!


  1. 项目“PocketEOS”是一款欧链开发的EOS钱包应用,目前已经上架了包括两个世界杯主题dApps(StarKing和PrizeQuiz)和一个知识问答dApps。安卓版本已经发布,IOS版本开发完毕,在等待苹果公司的审核结果。
  2. 项目“EOS帐号交易平台”,来自于清华大学EOS社区团队。该项目将于11月份上线,为社区成员能够自由交易得到心仪的eos账号。


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